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Equipment Sales, Incorporated Keeps It In the Family

Equipment Sales, Inc. current high-profile location, just south of the freeway, offers glimpses of its inventory.
(Photo courtesy of Equipment Sales, Incorporated)
Equipment Sales, Inc. current high-profile location, just south of the freeway, offers glimpses of its inventory. (Photo courtesy of Equipment Sales, Incorporated)
Equipment Sales, Inc. current high-profile location, just south of the freeway, offers glimpses of its inventory.
(Photo courtesy of Equipment Sales, Incorporated) Conley Lindsey continuing this family tradition of hard work, seen here loading a forklift for a customer.
(Photo courtesy of Equipment Sales, Incorporated) Equipment Sales, Inc., houses a strong inventory with new products arriving daily.
(Photo courtesy of Equipment Sales, Incorporated) Conley Lindsey has grown up at the dealership — he is pictured here on the lap of founder Bill Lindsey.
(Photo courtesy of Equipment Sales, Incorporated)

By focusing on old fashioned values, Equipment Sales, Incorporated plans to continue the vision of the company founder, Bill Lindsey. Now under new management, Conley Lindsey looks to continue the legacy his father Bill set up for Equipment Sales of character and hard work.

Equipment Sales, Inc. has been owned by Bill Lindsey for more than 50 years. The company was founded in 1969 and then in 2022 ownership was transferred to Conley, Bill's eldest son. Conley Lindsey grew up at Equipment Sales, to which he worked and watched his dad build the company into what it is today.

Located just off of Interstate 15 in South Salt Lake, this 53-year-old business has held its own in a high trafficked prime location.


From humble beginnings Equipment Sales has grown from a few pieces of heavy construction equipment to hundreds. Bill Lindsey started out as an over-the-road trucker, he then began buying and selling trucks for his own use, which spread into establishing Equipment Sales, Inc. in 1969. Bill was a hardworking man who often worked long hours, in addition to working weekends. His character and good reputation allowed him to grow the business by selling used equipment and build good customer relationships.

Company Evolution

In 1989, the equipment company acquired its current, high-profile location just south of the freeway. This location allows for perfect exposure of the business due to the busy Interstate providing easy access and on-the-go glimpses of the inventory.

Conley Lindsey

In 1997, the company incorporated Eager Beaver trailers into its dealership line and have since added Demco and Olympic trailers to the lineup.

At the start of 2022, Conley Lindsey purchased full ownership of Equipment Sales, Inc. from his father, Bill. Even under new management Equipment Sales is still based on Bill's old fashioned values, including respect, honesty, gratitude and doing business with a handshake.

Most importantly, Conley mentions, "You do what you say you are going to do." It's essential to Conley to continue the family business and that, "even though he may be a new owner, it is still a family run business, continuing to provide great service to all their customers."

Conley is keeping it a family business; he grew up with the company and looks forward to working with his family and passing down the legacy. Conley is building the business with his wife and their children.

While the business may be family oriented, the Lindsey's also have two other employees. Mike Mondale handles sales and has been with the company for three years. Mechanic Dick Drushal has been working at Equipment Sales for 20 years.


You can find new Demco, Eager Beaver and Olympic trailers in stock at Equipment Sales, Inc., which it also provides parts, service and warranty work for these trailers. Its inventory also extends to a wide variety of used heavy construction equipment averaging $3 million.


Conley has dedicated his entire life to the business. The biggest challenge it faces is that, "we are the little guys in the equipment world," he said. "We are the essence of mom-and-pop shop, we must work that much harder to get the information out there."

The Lindsey family measures their success by, "having integrity, knowing that at the end of the day we did the best we could and to show up the next day working harder and trying to do better than the day before," Conley added.

As for others looking to join a family business, "We've learned from our mistakes; it's not always easy working with family, but ultimately your family relationship and bond should always be first and foremost above the company."

Equipment Sales, Inc. recently decided to close on Saturdays in order to focus on its family, but are always available by appointment on that day for its customers.

Equipment Sales is located at 500 West 2890 South in Salt Lake City.

For more information, contact us or call 801/974-0888. CEG

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